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Diets & More, under the guidance of Dt. Shreya Katyal, aims at Lifestyle Modification to motivate you towards a Healthier Version of 'U'.
Dt. Shreya Katyal

At Diets & More, my idea is not just to help you lose weight, but also to put you in a better health status than you were in previously. And this is done entirely through Food and Nutrition, besides constant guidance and counseling by me. For me, all food is Good Food and what makes a food good or bad is either the cooking technique or the time of eating. I strongly believe that-" To Eat is a Necessity but to Eat Intelligently is an Art" and you can learn this art of Intelligent Eating at Diets & More.


My idea about a healthy diet is one that includes everything you like, because that is how one can retain the weight lost and also enjoy the weight loss journey.


I do not believe in giving Maintenance Plans as a Lifestyle does not need to be planned and is something that comes to us comfortably.


The diets that are made are customized to specific needs, routine and lifestyle of the individual as each individual requirement is different. Besides the diet charts, I also keep motivating you where ever you get demoralized, and guide you on the healthier and happier track. So, be the Best and Healthiest Version of yourself at Diets & More.


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  • Tell Us Details About The Programs You Offer.

    As per the services mentioned on website, what ever the service you require, you will be given a consultation for the same in which details about your routine and lifestyle will be taken and accordingly, your personalized diet plan will be made. Your likes and preferences, routine and lifestyle will be kept in mind while preparing your diet chart. Weekly follow ups will be taken, where your weight progress and difficulties, if any, will be discussed.

  • What Type Of Foods Do You Give In The Diet Plans?

    I believe that all foods are good foods, and moderation is the key to success. So, I believe in giving everything in your diet as where there is Craving, it will always lead to Cheating. And by everything, I mean practically everything….

  • How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose In A Month?

    This varies significantly from person to person. The average weight loss that I would say is minimum 4 kgs in a month and maximum has gone upto 7 kgs in a month. The results may vary depending on factors such as how effectively you follow the diet, if there is any physical activity or no in your routine, is there any medical condition attached or no. Besides the weight loss, every body has its own tendencies. One may reduce more in inches than in kgs or vice versa, depending on body's tendency.

“ How much water is needed to save you from dehydration! “

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The Thyroid is a gland found in the throat of a human body. It secrets the thyroid hormones which effect the metabolic rate in the body.

Polycystic Ovary Disease Or PCOD and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS are the most common hormonal disorder

High blood pressure, or commonly called Hypertension, refers to the pressure of blood against the body’s arteries.

Everyone has a piece of advice for the mother-to-be. See a pregnant woman and tips on what to eat come pouring in from the old ladies to experienced mothers.

Menopause is the time in most women's lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.

As individual ages, many changes are seen in the human body. These can be a direct consequence of the changes in our dietary lifestyle.

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