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Diet For Water Retention

Build up of excess fluid in your body can be dangerous. It is a condition known as fluid retention or edema also spelled oedema. Being physically inactive for longer periods of time, such as when you are on a long flight or bed rest, is the most common cause of this condition. At Diets & More, you can find the perfect Water Retention Diet Plan In Delhi to fight this condition. Highly respected Dietitian Shreya Katyal has helped several patients getting this excess fluid out of their body. When the condition is not a symptom of some bigger health problem, it can be cured with simple dietary changes.

Simple Tips To Reduce Water Retention:

  • Increasing magnesium and potassium intake is a major component of a good Water Retention Diet
  • Eat less salt as it facilitates the retention of water in our body
  • Foods rich in Vitamin B6 such as Potatoes, Walnut and Bananas can be eaten regularly
  • Diet For Water Retention also includes avoiding refined carbs completely

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