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Online Diet Consultation in Delhi

Transform Your Health with Online Diet Consultation: Convenient and Effective


E- Clinic is basically for people who have really hectic schedules and find it difficult to find time to visit a Dietitian in Delhi. Because of this, their Health takes a toll.

So, to add comfort to their lives, Online Diet Consultation is given over Phone and all the details and Diet Plans are mailed with everything in writing.

It is practically as good as visiting a Diet Clinic, only difference being that instead of having a face to face conversation with the Dietitian, you have a telephonic consultation and the diets are mailed to you instead of writing on paper. 

Discover the Benefits of Professional Nutrition Guidance from the Comfort of Your Home

Weekly follow ups are taken then and the plans are changed regularly, keeping track of the Weight Progress.

Convenience is a big factor on E- Clinic, as while sitting at home you get the diets on your smart phone and there is no hassle of getting stuck in traffic or getting late at your office.

The basic idea for Weight Loss is to follow the diet, but the mode of diet will be as per your convenience.

So for all those who cannot find enough time to visit a dietitian, E- Clinic is the best option.

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