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Diet Plan For Thyroid

Diet Plan For Thyroid - Tackling A Hormonal Imbalance

The Thyroid is a gland found in the throat of a human body. It secrets the thyroid hormones which effect the metabolic rate in the body. When the secretion of the hormone increases, or decreases it becomes the cause of several harmful diseases. The most common disorder, on the rise among the population today, is hyper or hypo thyroids.

Effects Of An Hormonal Imbalance

Excessive Weight Gain is the outward effect of this hormonal imbalance. This kind of weight gain is different from the normal weight gain. We at Diets & More understand that the Diet Plan For Thyroid should tackle several issues all at one.

Simple Dietary Changes Can Have A Huge Impact In Weight Loss. Here Are A Few Tips

  • Incorporate these in your diet: Fibre rich fruits and vegetables. Fibre rich whole grains. Dried fruits especially figs and nuts.
  • Increase intake of fluids like water and green tea.
  • Increase the intake of iodine in your diet.
  • Make salads a part of your meal, not the entire meal.
  • Make multivitamin supplements a part of your daily intake. The body keeps losing its vitamins which need to be replenished.
  • Thyroid imbalance can to managed with proper medical help and a diet plan. Step into our Diets & More today and let us formulate your own Diet Plan For Thyroid.
Simple Tips To Live A Healthier Life With Hypothyroidism:
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight can help you deal with the symptoms of thyroid.
  • For a happy and healthy lifestyle, do opt for the right eating habits that don’t affect your thyroid symptoms.
  • Don’t forget to exercise, as it is the only way that will ease the symptoms.
  • Keep your stress level down because stress can wreak havoc on your thyroid and weaken your immune system.


Small tweaks along with a healthy and Customized Diet will ease your symptoms of thyroid, and help you live to the fullest. For the Online Diet Consultation or diet plan for thyroid, get in touch now.

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