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IBS Diet (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Only people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS can know how uncomfortable this disorder is. Dramatic changes in the bowel movement within a few hours coupled with abdominal pain and cramps are enough to make anyone’s life hell. Fortunately, nutritionists like Shreya Katyal at Diets & More can reduce or even completely eliminate the symptoms of this syndrome by preparing a customized IBS Diet Plan In Delhi or anywhere else in the country. So, if you’re suffering from this condition, find a Dietitian For Irritable Bowel Syndrome and get a Personalized Diet Plan.

Our IBS Diet Has:

  • Fibre-rich foods such as Vegetables, Fruits and Whole Grains to make your gut strong and bowel movement smooth.
  • Low-fibre foods for people with added problems like gas and diarrhoea. Soluble fibres like Berries, Carrots and Apples can be eaten for it.
  • Difficult to digest carbohydrates are known as FODMAPs can also be eliminated from the diet. These food items include Sweeteners, Wheat-based Bread, Lactose, Legumes etc.

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As you might have noticed, there are different dietary changes for people with different problems. If you are searching for a Nutritionist For IBS Diet, get in touch with us and, we'll prepare an IBS Diet Chart just for you over a phone call consultation.

Foods You Should Say No To If You Have IBS:

  • Milk or any other food product that contains lactose needs to be out of your diet to prevent IBS.
  • Apart from that, all those foods which are high in fructose, including soft drinks, commercially prepared sweets, etc. are a big no.
  • Caffeine including Coffee, Chocolate, etc. is something that you should avoid to prevent IBS.
  • The artificial sweetener is not good for the one suffering from IBS and most of the sugar-free chewing gums contain that, thus, you should also avoid them.


However, it totally depends on person to person; thus, make sure you take proper consultation before taking a step further. For Diet Consultation, contact now.

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