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Diet For Pregnancy & Lactation

Diet For Pregnancy And Lactation- For A Glowing Mother And A Healthy Baby

Everyone has a piece of advice for the mother-to-be. See a pregnant woman and tips on what to eat come pouring in from the old ladies to experienced mothers. In a country where myths and tradition abound, it is sometimes impossible to tell what is actually beneficial to the pregnant woman or a lactating mother.

Happy Precious Period

The Dieticians at Diets & More have taken into consideration both ancient knowledge and modern science to come up with the perfect Diet Plan For Pregnancy And Lactation.

Basic Diet Plan For Pregnancy And Lactation

  • A woman needs extra calories during this period to help her body grow a healthy baby. There is no need for her to stuff herself with food. All she need to do increase the consumption of calorie rich food.
  • Another substance required in abundance is calcium. This helps the baby’s bones and curbs bone loss in the mother. Increase its intake too.
  • Keep your body hydrated with plenty of fluid intake. But no binging on caffeine related products.
  • Omega fatty acids also help in the baby’s growth and the mother health.
  • Do not binge eat and put on unnecessary weight. Follow a diet plan for optimum nutrition level without the additional weight.
  • Keeping these basics in mind, we at Diets & More ensure that our Diet Plan for Pregnancy and Lactation is customised keeping every special mother-to be and mother in mind.
  • Post Partum/ Lactating diets focus on the nutrition aspect of mother and baby, telling the right foods to be taken that will give you right energy stores while also ensuring that the mother isn't gaining further weight.
Importance Of Binging On A Balanced Diet During Pregnancy & Lactation:

Being a mother is no less than a blessing and when you are in this phase, you’ll get to experience so many changes in your body and dietary habits. You must have heard everyone giving you tips to eat this or that, but do you know why is it important? Here’s the answer below:

  • A nutritious diet will help your baby get all the benefits and ensure their proper growth and development.
  • Also, during pregnancy and lactation, you’ll need more energy because you have the responsibility of two that can only be achieved through the right diet.
  • What you eat goes directly to your baby during pregnancy and even during lactations. To improve the quality of milk during lactation and to transfer only healthy nutrients to them, you should eat healthy.


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