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Diets & More, under the guidance of Dt. Shreya Katyal, aims at Lifestyle Modification to motivate you towards a Healthier Version of 'U'.
Dt. Shreya Katyal

Hi! I am Shreya Katyal, your friend and a dietitian in your journey towards a healthier you. I strongly believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and your favourite food items are an integral part of it. This is the reason that in your endeavour to become fit and healthy, I don’t make you choose between fitness and food. My focus is always on making your life easier and happier because nothing worthwhile can be achieved without being happy.

Are you thinking “Wait! That’s some persuasive talk but it is not practical”? Well! This might sound like an unachievable balance but it is quite possible. It’s all about understanding your body’s specific requirements and you don’t have to do that yourself. I will help you and once we determine your body type, the sailing is smooth from there. You will need to eat, exercise and repeat according to that body type. So, are you ready to hop on? I promise it’s going to be fun.

  • Tell Us Details About The Programs You Offer.

    As per the services mentioned on website, what ever the service you require, you will be given a consultation for the same in which details about your routine and lifestyle will be taken and accordingly, your personalized diet plan will be made. Your likes and preferences, routine and lifestyle will be kept in mind while preparing your diet chart. Weekly follow ups will be taken, where your weight progress and difficulties, if any, will be discussed.

  • What Type Of Foods Do You Give In The Diet Plans?

    I believe that all foods are good foods, and moderation is the key to success. So, I believe in giving everything in your diet as where there is Craving, it will always lead to Cheating. And by everything, I mean practically everything.

  • How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose In A Month?

    This varies significantly from person to person. The average weight loss that I would say is minimum 4 kgs in a month and maximum has gone upto 7 kgs in a month. The results may vary depending on factors such as how effectively you follow the diet, if there is any physical activity or no in your routine, is there any medical condition attached or no. Besides the weight loss, every body has its own tendencies. One may reduce more in inches than in kgs or vice versa, depending on body's tendency.

“ How much water is needed to save you from dehydration! “

Dt. Shreya Katyal is counted among the top-rated Dietitian in Delhi NCR. She is one of the certified dietitian, who have become the epitome of the diet industry in a very short span of time. Over the stretch of time, she has carved her huge clientele in the market. Following her tailored diet plan, you can live happy and healthy life. She is also counted in top 10 Nutritionist in Delhi NCR.