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Diet Plan for PCOS/PCOD

Diet Plan for PCOS/PCOD - Towards a positive change

Polycystic Ovary Disease Or PCOD and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS are the most common hormonal disorder associated with ovaries in a woman. Caused by the imbalance of the oestrogen and testosterone hormones, both these conditions can eventually lead to infertility.

Know more about Diet for PCOS/PCOD

  • The most common outward sign of this condition is weight gain. It is a vicious cycle when the hormone causes weight gain which in turn aids in the infertility. This hormonal imbalance and its effects can also trigger other condition like high
  • cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. With advances in medical science, this condition can be easily cured. A Diet Plan for PCOS/PCOD from Diets & More can help in managing this condition too.
  • Diets & More has some easy rules which when incorporated can help.
  • Do not deprive yourself of essential nutrients while dieting.
  • Anomalies in blood sugar levels and glucose metabolism can indirectly increase weight gain.
  • Choose fibre rich foods so that your diet gives you a feeling of fullness and does not leave you want for more.
  • Be active. Adopt a hobby, an exercise schedule.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of fluids a day.
  • Free your life of all stress busters and learn to relax.

We at Diets & More understand the negative effects of this condition in a woman’s life. With a direct link to her immanent motherhood, we hope that the customised Diet for PCOS/PCOD provided by us will help elevate this condition and eventually cure her,

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