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Diet For Hypertension & Cholesterol

Diet For Hypertension And Cholesterol - Battling The Silent Killers

High blood pressure, or commonly called Hypertension, refers to the pressure of blood against the body’s arteries. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that exists within the cells of the human body.

The rise in levels of both within the human body can be dangerous. There are no outward symptoms or indicators that these have raised but they are the major cause of heart attacks and strokes. Hence these are called the silent killers. Diets & More has seen a rise in the individuals seeking help for these issues in the recent times.

Dieticians at Diets & More know the importance of maintaining the right levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. With our customised Diet For Hypertension and Cholesterol, they help individuals maintain the right levels with the right foods.

Diet Plan For Hypertension And Cholesterol

Here they share some basic rules to follow:

  • Foods that lower cholesterol should be made an intrinsic part of the diet. Oats, red wine, fatty fish, nuts, pulses, green tea, dark chocolate, garlic, olive oils and green leafy vegetables.
  • For patients with hypertension, these foods can be included in the diet. Green leafy vegetables, berries, beetroot, milk, yoghurt, fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, seeds, garlic, dark chocolate, olive oil, pomegranate and pistachios.
  • Along with a healthy exercise regimen, reducing the intake of salt and keeping the body hydrated, the individual can maintain both to their optimum levels..

Drop in at Diets & More and let the dieticians help you formulate the perfect Diet for Hypertension and Cholesterol. This is sure to edge you down the road to a healthier you.

Why Is Hypertension & Cholesterol A Silent Killer?

You must have heard that Hypertension & Cholesterol is a silent killer, but do you know why. Well, we have the answer.  Indeed, it has so symptoms, but it can cause progressive harm to the cardiovascular system. It’ll increase one’s chances of getting a heart stroke because it silently damages the walls of arteries.

Diagnosing it with symptoms is tough, because hypertension doesn’t create as such one, thus, considered as a silent killer. If you ever feel changes in your health that are not normal, get yourself diagnosed. If you are suffering from the condition and need Online Diet Consultation, contact anytime. A good and healthy diet can make a change in your condition and at least ease your symptoms. Call now for the consultation.

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