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Therapeutic Diets

Therapeutic diets are medically prescribed eating plans suggested as a mode of treatment or a facilitator of treatment of chronic disease. In this plan, certain food items will be added or removed to your daily eating habits to correct deficiencies, bring changes in weight or to alter the eating patterns of the patient. If you need an Online Therapeutic Diet Plan In Delhi, you can contact Shreya Katyal - a renowned Nutritionist for Online Therapeutic Diet Plan. At Diets & More, we are committed to optimize the nutritional needs of your body to improve your lifestyle and health.

Qualities Of Our Personalized Therapeutic Diet Plan:

  • Practical and simple enough to follow without any hassle
  • Comprehensive study of your body type and disease before creating a diet chart
  • Food items selected as per your energy needs and nutrient requirements
  • No need to get rid of your favourite food items unless absolutely necessary
  • Great variety to ensure it doesn’t become dull to follow the plan

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Main Purpose Of Therapeutic Diets Are:

  • It’ll help to maintain a good nutritional status, and keep a tab on your health.
  • It’ll correct any deficiencies which have occurred due to any reason.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight by tweaking your eating habits.
  • To ensure that your body and brain get enough nutrients in the right amount.

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