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Diet for Diabetes

Diet for Diabetes

Diet for Diabetes

Diet for Diabetes - Righting a lifestyle disorder

Diabetes is a very common lifestyle disorder today. Over 30 million of the population has been diagnosed with both, Type 1 and Type 2, according to a recent survey. High stress environment and unhealthy food habits of the population has put this disease on the rise. Diets & More understands the special needs and adjustments to be made in the life of a diabetic tomaintain a healthy life.

Long term effect of continuous high blood sugar levels has a negative effect on the organs in the body. We ensure that the blood sugar levels are maintained at a healthy reading. As always, the plans are customised taking into consideration the requirements of an individual.

Diet plan for Diabetes

However, small lifestyle adjustments, which are an integral part of our Dieting plans For Diabetes, can go a long way in helping maintain the required sugar levels.

  • Inclusion of milk, high fibre vegetables and fruits, good omega fats and pulses helps bring down and maintain the sugar levels.
  • Frequent small meals help in maintaining a constant blood sugar level.  Large meals with long gaps in-between spike the blood sugar levels thus harming the organs.
  • Make it a habit to use artificial sweeteners in desserts.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of fluids.
  • Cut down the intake of packaged foods, trans-fats and processed meats.  

If you are a diabetic grappling with the negative effects of this disorder, walk into Diets & More today for a customised Diet for Diabetics plan.