The Beneficial Diet For Girl On Periods

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Girls have a love-hate relationship with periods. You hate it for the natural reasons like pain and cramps; if you are a girl, you must have experienced it personally so we don’t need to explain it in a vivid manner. Then, comes the rather surprising loving part; it is good because it cleanses your body internally.

Hey! I am Shreya Katyal and like all the growing girls, I have gone through the experience of those troublesome days of the month. Though, my knowledge of diet and nutrition helped me have a healthy period cycle. As a Nutritionist in Delhi, I am here to share my expert advice on ‘What to eat while menstruating’.

Chocolates – Let’s begin the diet note with a little sweet element. If you got too happy to read this point, I will like to apologise for bursting your happiness bubble as not every chocolate is good for your healthy periods. Dark Chocolates contain the required antioxidants which help in controlling mood swings.

Leafy Greens – If there is the best time to increase eating green vegetables, it is that time of the month. You can experiment with the preparations of the vegetables in different types and add multiple spices to increase the taste but not eating green vegetables shall not be an option for you.

Bananas – Show your love to bananas in the minion way. They have a high level of potassium which can boost your mood in an instant. Probably, it is the reason that bananas are the happy food of minions.

Add these items in your plate at the time of periods and see it being a more tolerable ‘Period’ of the month. Online Diet Consultation In Delhi can be easily availed if you connect to me through my website- Diets & More or WhatsApp me your queries.