Say Bye To Unhealthy Sweets, This Holi

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Holi the festival of colour is just around the corner. The festival is not only about colours, party, but also desi-ghee dipped Gujiyas and lots more sweets and unhealthy snacks that might let you enjoy the day, but shatter all your hard work of months.

Does it mean you should celebrate Holi without having sweet? No, Nah! We didn't mean that at all. Any celebration without sweet is like playing Holi without colours, which sounds silly. Thus, being a Dietitian In Delhi, I Shreya Katyal would suggest you some sweet dishes that won’t mess with your diet plan, and surely impress tastebuds.

  • Kesariya Thandai With Honey - Thandai is a must-have drink during Holi and its supreme taste adds to its richness in multifarious ways. Let honey replace the sugar in the drink, so that you may enjoy the lip-smacking taste of thandai without gaining weight.
  • Mixed Fruit Gujiyas – A Holi that goes without munching on Gujiyas is like a regular day. Make your day without breaking your heart and gobble the Gujiyas with mixed fruit fillings. Trust me; it would taste better than the traditional ones.

So, I am wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy Holi. If you are in need of customized diet plans, you can reach me digitally at Diets & More. I provide Online Diet Consultation In Delhi to the ones looking to get in the best shape without the use of any unnatural mediums. Send me your queries on WhatsApp to stay notified further.