Janmashtami Fast - Types And Tips

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Janmashtami, a day to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna has huge importance in Hindu Culture. On this auspicious day, devotees offer prayers and do fasting for better spiritual connection. Nirjala Fast and Phalahar Fast are two main types of Janmashtami fasts. If you are planning for any one of them, read till last. Being a Dietitian, I am Shreya Katyal here with some tips that help you in fasting without compromising on health. So, let’s begin.

Nirjala Fast: As its name implies, during this, devotees are not supposed to eat or drink even a single drop of water. This can only be open 12 o clock at midnight after the birth of Lord Krishna and Aarti is performed. When you open the fast, Sabudana Khichdi and Kuttu Ka Chilla would be the best options, as both are very light and healthy at the same time. Make sure to avoid heavy foods like Kuttu Ki Puri, because after a fast your metabolism will slow down and eating in high quantity and heavy options will make negative effects. Keep healthy eating in your mind and not heavy eating.

Coconut Water

Falahaar Fast: This one is somewhat lenient than the previous one because you are allowed to consume water, milk or fruits. Cereals, Salt and other Food Stuff are a big no while fasting. Throughout the day, have Coconut Water, Fresh Fruits, and Fruit Juice, Lemon Water etc. to stay hydrated and energized. You can have sweets and milk food which have been offered to Lord Krishna as Bhog/Prasad, just limit the quantity to avoid any unnecessary pressure on your metabolism. The mantra of opening the fast will be the same, have healthy not heavy.

Janmashtami Fast or any other kind of fast is not only spiritual, but healthful as well. It’ll detoxify your body. To maintain that good effects make sure you go for the lighter options the very next day too, otherwise, it’ll add up in your weight and can also affect your health.

Happy Janmashtami to you all! Follow all the tips for healthy fasting and for diet consultation, contact me at Diets & More.